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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Whether or not you are registered with us, you must abide by our terms and conditions in order to surf the pages within this site. The terms and conditions are described below:


The contents of the website including graphics, source codes, texts and designs are the sole property of Fancy Dress Town and are legally licensed under it. Any kind of copying or modifying the contents without soliciting permission will be considered as copyright violation. Fancy Dress Town can take any legal action necessary to compensate for this kind of forgery.

Product Quality

We strive to deliver you 100% quality product. However if there are any issues regarding the product and if it fits in the return policy, we will refund as per the policy described in the later section. We display the product as it is originally. However there may be some color variances between the displayed and the original one because of photography/ lighting effect but it won’t affect the overall quality of the product. We assure that the dimensions mentioned are accurate.

Registration of Account

Once you are registered with us you are responsible to protect the privilege of your username and password. If somehow your account is compromised, you must inform us forthwith before we can take any action regarding this. For your acknowledgement we do not store your credit/debit card information.


Generally we dispatch orders for shipping within one working day. However if we cannot dispatch any order within 30 business days then we will reimburse you for the full amount. However your order will not be dispatched unless and until we get the funds in our account as we do not accept any credit sales. We have the right to refuse accepting any order under the following circumstances:

1) When the goods are unavailable or not fit to be dispatched within 14 days of order

2) When the payment cannot be authenticated

3) Any discrepancy in pricing and product description

4) If we find out any violation of our terms and conditions


All the prices are displayed as VAT included. However we have the right to display the price excluding VAT. In this case we will mention the VAT (percentage form or solid form) separately beside the total price.

Note: Our shop prices/stock can be different than online store and shop can’t match our website prices/stock.


Payment must be made via PayPal, Credit card, Cheque or debit card immediately after ordering. If cheque is used for payment you must write down the order number on the back of the cheque so that we can track the payment to your goods. Generally as we do not accept any credit in special cases even if we do you must clear the payment on due date. If you fail to abide by this rule then we have the right to:

i) Cancel and suspend the current and any further contract and deliverables.

ii) Redeem and retain any payment made by you for the order that we think fit

iii) Charge interest at a rate of 8% per year until the total payment is cleared

iv) Bill £10.00 for any unpaid cheque you have submitted


As soon as we dispatch the order it will go to the shipper and depending on your location and the delivery method chosen. However we will not be liable for any delay in delivery as long as the shipper has acknowledged the product from us. The product will be delivered to the address entered by you in order form or in registration form and upon receipt you must sign the receipt form. If you somehow fail to receive the product it will come back to us and we will contact you to let you know the status. If you want we can send the product again to you but you have to bear the additional shipment charge for this. If not then we will send you a refund excluding the shipping cost as it has already been paid to the shipper for the shipment.

Bailment and Pledge

If any property or external goods have passed to you with the ordered goods, you must hold and store the goods as our bailee and protect it from any kind of damage. If you sell the goods you will be entitled to submit all the income from the sale including insurance income to us and we have the right to take the total proceeds from you and you will be obliged to give it back to us. In any time we have the right to call back our goods and payment and it will be due and payable to us by you.

Voucher Codes

If you have any promotional voucher codes that can be redeemed for specific discount under that specific code, you can enter the code to claim your discount on your purchase. However if the voucher has expired or the voucher requires to be redeemed for specific purchase, then you may not be able to use the voucher at all or fulfill the requirement to use it respectively. The voucher can be expired for either two following reasons:

i) Time has been passed away.

ii) Management decided to discontinue the voucher and give a notice beforehand in the website.

iii) Any miscreant activities have been exerted on the code.

Website Access

The website is intended to give you 24/7 service. However we will not be responsible for any down time of the website. It may be down for repair or maintenance task at any time without any prior notice. The down time for repair and maintenance will not be very high but we are not taking any responsibilities for this. In that case it can be down for indefinite period of time.

Links of Other Websites

Links of other websites in our website are there for your convenience so that you can have varieties of choices. If you click on any external link of other websites that is gives by us or may popup while you are browsing, we are not responsible for any damage or harm done to you or your computer. Only when you are within our website we will take responsibility for any kind of damage.

Password Recovery

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